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Lydia would never run and hide. I’ll stay.

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"Derek, you can control this."

Lydia becomes Derek’s anchor. The longer he’s stuck as a teenaged version of himself, the one who hasn’t learned control of his shift, who hasn’t used anger to control it, the more time he spends with Lydia. From tutoring sessions to just hanging out Derek starts to fall for her and uses his feelings for her as his anchor to control his shift.

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Find an  a n c h o r .
Something meaningful to you.
Bind yourself to it.
Keep the human side in control.

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Bellarke AU: Summer camp counselors. “Mount Weather Summer camp” (x)

"I think the rebel king likes you." Serena, the small 11 year old blonde muses while continuing to paint beside Clarke who was helping her while the others all played a game of dodge ball. (something she wasn’t interested in, so Clarke thought she would do something with her to pass the time while Bellamy kept the others busy)

"Bellamy? Why do you say that?" Clarke chuckled, her eyebrows furrowing amused, because Bellamy? Liking Clarke? They’ve known eachother for years, she would of known if he had feelings for her. (and if he had, she would of already acted on them because yes she had feelings for him back that she tried to burry each and everyday convincing herself it would go away when really it only got stronger)

"The way he looks at you." she shrugs, her tongue sticking out at the side of her mouth as she was intent on the small details of the tree she was drawing. Clarke peered to her, her eyebrow raising with a teasing smile.

"The way he looks at me?" 

She nodded, humming in agree. “Yes, he looks at you the way my dad looks at my mom.” she glanced back at Clarke, her brown eyes sincere. “and you look at him the way my mom looks at my dad.”

She was at a loss for words, watching the young girl go back to her painting, humming to herself. “Its okay to like him you know, he may be a rebel and all, but I think under it all - he’s your knight in shining armor.”

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  • the summer camp would be called “Mount Weather summer camp” and Bellamy and Clarke were volunteering like they have been doing for years, so yes they knew eachother for a while (and even well before when they used to go to the summer camp…

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we-are-bellarke Nikki~~~fanfic/drabble prompt~~~at least I hope it’s a prompt…
Bellamy did something wrong, and Clarke is giving him this look ↑. He then realises Clarke is mad at him, and he tries to make up with her, maybe tell her a joke? 
Lol,  au or not I’ll take whichever you fancy~


we-are-bellarke Nikki~~~fanfic/drabble prompt~~~at least I hope it’s a prompt…

Bellamy did something wrong, and Clarke is giving him this look . He then realises Clarke is mad at him, and he tries to make up with her, maybe tell her a joke? 

Lol,  au or not I’ll take whichever you fancy~

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tw! au : GOSSIP GIRL remake

Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Beacon hills elite.

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"You please don’t do that ever again! I thought you just took off. I thought you were running. I mean. like I thought you were leaving"

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Bellarke AU: Snow White & The Huntsmen

She was breathtaking to say the least, as the Princess Clarke Griffin laid on the grass with the leaves and flowers set around her as if it were a sleeping grave. It was almost perfect. The way her hair sprawled out around her in a blanket of gold strands, the way her eye lashes fluttered underneath her lids, the way her pink lips were set in a peaceful curve. She looked so beautiful, so gentle - and it was up to Bellamy, the Huntsmen to take all that away.

Now that she was swept away in a deep sleep from the apple she feasted on (that had been drenched in a sleeping potion) it was Bellamys job to cut her heart out, and deliver it to the Queen, as she demanded. He had been tracking her for days as she pranced through the woods, her golden hair lighting in the sun, her smile brightening the already blue skies. (He found himself admiring her, how could this queen want someone, such as her, dead? She reminded him of a blossoming flower in the spring. And most of all - she reminded him of his little sister. He had to splash water from closer streams to wash away the second thoughts, the hesitation.)

She wasn’t going to feel anything, he would make it quick, he promised her to himself. He has killed many people in his time, and has been rewarded a great deal, (though it would not help the sleepless nights where he abruptly awakens from nightmares - their lifeless eyes haunting his memory. “Monster.” he would say to himself as he would look in his reflection.) But, as he hovered over her sleeping state, he couldn’t get himself to plunge his knife into her heart. Her pure heart. His hands were shaking, his mind telling him over and over again to do it - get it over with! But his hands would do nothing but quiver, sweat - more hesitation.

Something was stopping Bellamy from taking the princess’s life, something stirring up inside him - something he couldn’t explain. Over the loud demands of his mind telling him to end her, there was a small voice - telling him to kiss her. 

Maybe it was her intoxicating beauty, or the temptation of how soft her lips looked, but somehow Bellamy found himself examining every inch of her face. Mesmorizing every part so he could never forget the warming gentleness of her presence.

Bellamy didn’t even comprehend what he was doing, but the next thing he knows - he’s slowly leaning in closer, and closer until their lips finally meet in a soft kiss. It was only a few lingering seconds, but Bellamys heart was pounding against his ribcage like a bird fighting to get out for freedom. When he pulled away, both their eyes were still closed - Bellamy swallowing back the pit of regret with what will follow.

Before he was able to lean fully away from the princess, and do what he came here to do - she stirred. Bellamys eyes snapped open at the action below him, and her small body was uncoiling from the blanket of a deep sleep. He watched her carefully, confusion and dread overcoming his features. “it’s - it’s not possible..” he mumbled, to himself. Clarke sighed softly, her lips parting as she finally fluttered her eyes open - her blue iris’s twinkling in the sunlight through the trees above them. Once her eyes locked with Bellamys and a whole new pit of regret and dread filled Bellamys stomach.

The princess had woken up.

And the only way she could have awakened from a potion such as this  deathly slumber; is true loves kiss.

And that scared Bellamy, the most.

He was supposed to take her heart, not fall in love with it.

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there are two types of people

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The 100 cast completes the Ice Bucket Challenge

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The 100 cast doing the ice bucket challenge [x]

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